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I started my first batch of kombucha on January 5th, 2010, because of the inspiration of the Fermentation Club up at Merritt College, in Oakland.   The feedback I’ve gotten from everyone has been great!  One batch led to another and I started to have fun being creative with the flavors.  Making kombucha has never really been a chore (well except when it was 96 degrees last summer in the kitchen.  I had my own sauna!).

My goal is to continue making kombucha in small batches, even as I get bigger, to keep that homemade taste.  This kombucha has always been strong, intensely flavored, and full of beneficial probiotics!

My kombucha is meant to be enjoyed while fresh to get the most benefit from the probiotics and for the best flavor.  You can drink it after it’s been in the fridge for a couple of weeks but it won’t be at it’s prime.  So, please enjoy now!

I will be updating this website with some BIG NEWS SOON!, so keep an eye out!

I hope to see you all real soon.

Thanks for your support,

Lisa Leonard



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