Alameda Natural Grocery

Please come to my Kombucha Workshop this Friday!!

Mothers Know Best – Kombucha will be featured at a workshop this week.

This Friday, March 27th, 7:15 – 8:30pm 

Alameda Market Place
1650 Park Street at Buena Vista

Workshop / Speaker Lisa Leonard

“How to Brew Kombucha” 
(everything you could hope to know and more!)

I’ll be giving a workshop on ‘How to Brew Kombucha’ Friday, March 27th from 7:15 to 8:30pm at the Alameda Market Place, 1650 Park Street, at Buena Vista, in Alameda.

The event takes place at the ‘Beanery’, coffee shop, in the Marketplace.

The fee is $20 which includes a ‘starter mother!’, and a $10 donation to Joshua Burbridge  of ‘True Ferments’ GoFundMe fund

Matching Donations: The Alameda Market Place will be matching the donations.  Joshua’s been through some real hard times lately, health wise, and he’s a super nice guy with a family.